Terms & Conditions

Holiday Concierge Private Limited is a responsible tour operator. In the best interests of its clients, the company has formulated detailed Terms & Conditions in this document. We expect and request all holiday bookers to read this document carefully and understand the implications of every clause mentioned here. By virtue of sharing this document with our clients we understand that our clients have fully appraised themselves of each point specified here.

By furnishing this document we understand that all inclusions, exclusions, important points to note and terms & conditions furnished in our quotation or correspondence covering your trip, till this date, have been well understood by clients/customers/travellers, including but not limited to payments, statutory/legal obligations, rules and regulations of each country. Each client/customer/traveller further agrees to pay every and any costs/prices arising during the travel in any country/destination, other than the costs/prices mentioned under inclusions of the package.

Holiday Concierge Private Limited does not take any responsibility to cover; before and after the tour; any such costs which are not mentioned under inclusions of each package furnished to the clients/customer/travellers. It will be sole responsibility of the clients/customer/traveller to pay and settle such costs when demanded.


If our offer includes personalized assistance on arrival/departure and is mentioned under inclusions, our representative will meet up with the clients outside the airport arrival hall with paging board (sample below) mentioning FIT/Group’s/Agents name
We can use our B2B partners’ branding and logo for dedicated groups/clients.

2.1 All quotations are valid for 3 days from the date of furnishing the quotation. If we do not receive your acceptance within this time, the prices may change
2.2 All quotations are for the specified travel period/dates as mentioned in our offer. Prices may change owing to increase/decrease of participating members or change in travel dates
2.3 At the time of giving quotation, we do not block hotels or services, and the hotels/service components may change when the bookings are initiated
2.4 The quotation/s may not apply during high-peak periods, trade fairs or festival periods or any other black-out dates applied by the city or hotels. Please specify beforehand if your travel falls under any such period and we will quote accordingly
2.5 Tourist or City taxes as applicable in each city of visit need to be paid directly to hotels, unless mentioned in the price inclusions
2.6 Hotels, Sightseeing, Flight/Train/Bus ticket or any other services booked by us should be checked properly by the clients. Once we receive go ahead from clients, it is considered that they have understood and verified all information

3.1 The package prices quoted by us does not include any Flight/Train/Bus fares and they are always mentioned separately with costs
3.2 Flight/Train/Bus fares that we quote are dynamic (web-based) showing at the time of quotation. They may keep changing until the actual bookings are made
3.3 Exact fares applicable at the time of ticket issuance will be charged from clients
3.4 It is important and binding on clients to check/reconfirm schedule/timing of Flight/Train/Bus minimum 72-hours prior to travel at each point of travel
3.5 Any missed Flight/Train/Bus will be the sole responsibility of the clients and Holiday Concierge Private Limited will not be liable for any additional charges or no-show charges that may arise
3.6 All clients are advised to carefully check the terminal/platform number/venue of boarding, prior to travel
3.7 Flight/Train/Bus Ticket once issued will be non-refundable and non-transferrable. The entire cost of any such change/rebooking will be binding on clients and payable directly to the respective operators
3.8 Flight/Train/Bus operations are sole responsibility of the respective carriers/operators and Holiday Concierge Private Limited will not be liable for any amendments/cancellations or last-minute schedule changes

For 26 countries that are member of European Union (All of these countries are in Europe) single visa application to Consulate of any of the following countries shall suffice. A holder of a Uniform Schengen visa can travel to all 26 member countries of the Schengen Area
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland

5.1 Standard check-in time in hotels is 15:00 hrs and check-out time is 10:00 hrs and it may vary owing to respective hotels rules
5.2 Owing to cold weather throughout the year, most hotels in Europe do not have AC or ceiling fan in the rooms
5.3 Some hotels may not offer in-room Tea / Coffee makers
5.4 Breakfast available at hotels are usually continental. Request for American Breakfast will attract supplement charges. Please specify your preferences at the time of booking itself
5.5 Breakfast requested before 07:00 hrs may incur supplement charge
5.6 All extra orders that clients may place whilst their stay in a hotel, shall be payable directly to the Hotel
5.7 In case of any damage to the Hotel property, the hotel will imply the damage costs at their discretion and the clients will be responsible for settling all such charges
5.8 Packed Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner served en-route (during drives) wherever mentioned in the itinerary, will only be vegetarian food since the non-vegetarian food may get spoilt if it remains packed for longer duration
5.9 Iced tap water will be served during meals
5.10 Hotels do not provide bottled water in rooms. Clients may use the tap water in the bathroom which is filtered and fit for drinking
5.11 Charges for any alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks, beverages, juices, bottled water, extra food, in-room dining, a-la-carte orders must be paid on the spot directly

Though the food Menu and cuisine differ in each city, hotel and country in Europe, the following are standard meal plans mostly available at hotels. If clients have any specific meal requirements, do inform us at the time of quotation
We would also recommend not to have too many expectations of food variety while on travel as most places do not have availability of food items like you have in India.
Usually, you will find the food option and menu in your final itinerary that we furnish before travel. However, the menus may change without information for various operations.

• Breakfast: American, Continental, Hot or Cold buffet breakfast may be served with variable Menu across different hotels
• Lunch/Dinner at Indian Restaurant: Main course will have 1 non-vegetarian dish (Chicken), 1 vegetarian dish (including Paneer), Dal, Rice (Plain or Fried), Indian Breads (Roti or Naan), Raita/Curd, Salad, Pickle, Papad, 1 Dessert and Drinking tap water
• Lunch at Local Restaurant: Usually local restaurants offer 2 choices; 1 Starter or Soup + 1 Main Course or 1 Main Course + 1 Dessert
• Dinner at Local Restaurant: Usually the choices are 1 Starter or Soup + 1 Main Course + 1 Dessert
• Cocktail/Gala Dinner at Indian Restaurant: Main course will have 2 non-vegetarian (Including Chicken), 2 vegetarian dishes, (including Paneer), Dal, Rice (Plain or Fried), Indian Breads (Roti or Naan), Raita/Curd, Salad, Pickle, Papad, 2 Deserts and Drinking tap water
• Soft Drinks Package: Will include Soft Drinks, Juices, Soda and Mocktails
• Hard Drink Package: Will include Black label or Chivas Regal, Absolute Vodka, Bacardi, local Beers and Wines. Please place your request for any specific liquor brand as it is subject to availability at the hotels/cities/countries
• DJ/Band Services & Dancers or Performers: Can be arranged at extra charges if required

7.1 Our final itinerary is made with compliances as per EU Driving Regulations. As per European Laws, Coach driver can drive a maximum of 9 hours between 0900-2100 hrs in one day. The duty time of the driver is 12- 15 hrs per day depending on the country they are in
7.2 In a week a driver should not exceed 5 days of 12 hours & 2 days of 14 hrs. This is not specific to the ongoing itinerary and can be influenced by driver’s previous duties as well
7.3 In a day a driver must have 11 consecutive hours of rest. This can be reduced to 10 hours only three times per week. This is not specific to the ongoing itinerary and can be influenced by driver’s previous duties as well
7.4 In a week, driver must have one day as a full holiday. This is not specific to the ongoing itinerary and can be influenced by driver’s previous duties as well
7.5 The above EU laws can be overruled by the specific laws of each country, and it may be at the sole discretion of the police at the time of checking
7.6 In case of non-compliance of above regulations, it is possible that:
(a) Police checking driver's hours prevent Coaches from continuing the journey
(b) The Coach will be impounded
(c) Drivers will delay departure of the next service
(d) In the event of an accident no insurance claims can be made
(e) Upon periodic inspection of the Coach company Tachograph by the authorities, driver’s licence can be revoked

7.7 We do not accept any responsibility for compliance or for risks associated with non-compliance with above regulations or any other relevant legal requirements of each country covered in the itinerary. Itinerary is implementable only if the above-mentioned timings/regulations are strictly adhered by the clients. The responsibility to inform the clients lies with the Travel agent or your Tour Leader
7.8 Holiday Concierge Private Limited will not be responsible for any delays and/or discomfort caused by the need to replace a Coach because of Coach being impounded
7.9 Holiday Concierge Private Limited does not take responsibility of being able to provide any alternative transportation because of delays caused by the group members resulting in non-compliance of the EU driving laws
7.10 Smoking, Eating & Drinking (alcohol or any other beverages except water) on the Coaches are strictly not permitted. Kindly ensure that you do not litter inside the Coach, Train or Flight or in any public places. Fines may be implied for all such violations
7.11 Toilets on the Coaches are for emergencies only
7.12 Kindly ensure that Coach should remain clean throughout the trip as it is only cleaned after the trip is over and not on daily basis
7.13 Be extra careful not to litter inside the Coach or the Coach driver is permitted to charge a compensation which he deems fit
7.14 Please note that most European drivers speak basic English at best. This is limited to being able to communicate and fix departure times and define pick up points. Holiday Concierge Private Limited will not responsible for communication problems or miscommunications between the driver and clients due to language problems. To avoid this situation, it is recommended that you book a local European Tour Manager
7.15 All passengers, including the crew have to be seated with safety belts tightened when the vehicle/Coach is in motion. Any passengers not following the safety rules will do so at their own risk, responsibility, and consequences
7.16 For group quotation, Coach services (12 hrs a day) are per group and not for individual travel
7.17 The Flight/Train arrival time is considered as pick-up time. In case of delays on arrival or departures, the driver will wait for a maximum of 60 minutes from the designated time
7.18 During the tour, if the clients are delayed by more than 15 minutes, the guides may leave, attractions may refuse the entrance and restaurants might refuse to serve
7.19 All SIC tours usually start from designated points at the city centre. The drop offs after the tour may not be included in some tours. Clients are advised to check for this with the local operator and arrange your return accordingly
7.20 Porterage anywhere is not included in the cost and supplement may apply if it is required. Please make a request at the time of booking
7.21 Usually, our offer does not include Tour Manager/Escort Services except when specified under inclusions. Supplement charges will apply if this service is required
7.22 The approximate timing of each activity is mentioned in the detailed day-wise itinerary. However, they may change owing to local conditions and restrictions if any. Kindly be in touch with our crew member who will keep you informed of any such change

8.1 It is customary to offer 10-15 % / Euro 2-3 per person per day, tips and gratitude in Europe and it is often expected by the drivers, guides, assistants, service staff of hotels, restaurant, and pubs and local tour managers
8.2 These tips are included in the cost, unless mentioned otherwise. However, if you wish, you may offer your personal contribution to the service staffs directly. The amount may be offered at your discretion

9.1 Infants up to 23 months of age, are FOC (free of charge)
9.2 Children between the age of 2-12 years without Extra Bed/Mattress will be charged a supplement of 50% of the adult package price
9.3 Children between 2-12 years with Extra Bed/Mattress will be charged a supplement of 85% of the adult package price
9.4 Irrespective to the above conditions, child/infant policies may change owing to respective hotel policies
9.5 In most of European hotels, only 2 adults + 1 children under 11 years are permitted in a room. In cases where family of 2 adults + 2 children between the age of 2-11 years are staying together, separate room is required to be booked at extra charge

These are a few generic policies for Cancellations/Amendments. However, they may differ for each package largely depending on the terms defined by hotel/service providers engaged in respective packages. Please refer our tour dossier or specific quotations for specific terms of each package

Day 0 to 15 100%
Day 16 to 30 80%
Day 31 to 45 50%
Day 46 to 60 35%
Day 61 to 90 25%
Day 91 to 180 15%
Day 181 and beyond 10%

10.1 For all cases where clients do not like hotel/s and wish for an upgrade, cancellation charges and supplements will apply and charged
10.2 For reduction in group size, the slab rate for reduced number of persons will apply
10.3 No refund for unused hotel nights, early check-outs, missed meals, missed, or cancelled sightseeing/excursions or unused transport services if it occurs during travel for whatsoever reasons
10.4 No refund for any distractions that may occur owing to weather disruptions/natural calamities before or during travel

11.1 Always carry Passport while venturing out of the hotel or during the sightseeing/excursions. Keep your passport in a safe place, such as a hotel safe at reception
11.2 Be extra careful of your Passport, money, and personal belongings, during stay at the Hotel/s or during travel. If any baggage/item is lost or misplaced on tour, it will be your sole responsibility and it may not be possible to back-track to retrieve them. Any costs thereof shall be borne the clients themselves
11.3 Clients are required to remain together with the group during the travel and in each city, throughout the trip
11.4 Kindly follow the morning briefings of the Tour Manager/Escort/Local Staff carefully and follow the activity timings strictly according to the schedule and itinerary
11.5 Do not venture outside the Hotel on your own, unless you inform your fellow group member or someone at the hotel. Do keep them informed of where you'll be going and when you are expected to return
11.6 Please carry your enough seasonable clothes as the climate or temperatures of each city/country may drastically vary
11.7 It is highly recommended that you carry a working phone to contact someone, should there be an unexpected situation or an emergency
11.8 Please check your phone plans and subscribe to the international roaming plans that suits your requirements
11.9 Do not consume alcohol while you’re in public places, airports, train stations or in the Coach with fellow clients
11.10 Although the Tour Manager/Escort/Local Staff will do so, always validate your flight and train tickets at least 72 hours prior to travel
11.11 Take care of your health needs in advance of travel - consider prescriptions, vaccinations, dental care, medical certificates, mosquito repellent, glasses/contact lenses and any other ongoing issues you may need to deal with as you travel
11.12 Kindly appraise your medical condition/complications or allergies, to the Tour Operator/Tour Manager/Escort/Local Staff on Day 1, before the start of the tour
11.13 In case you are suffering ailments or a serious medical condition, do carry your regular medicines specially during travel on high altitudes in Europe. You might experience some discomfort, asthmatic issues etc.
11.14 Do your research about the destination you are travelling to – get a guidebook, go online, read country dossiers and pre departure information
11.15 Your country's foreign affairs ministry should also have a website dedicated to keeping travelers safe overseas – this can be a very good source of information, tips, and advice
11.16 Sign up for email or SMS travel alerts for destinations you'll be travelling to
11.17 Get travel insurance - if you can't afford insurance, you can't afford to travel. Obtaining comprehensive travel insurance is a mandatory requirement. Check the information about how much insurance cover you need and where you can buy travel insurance. Check your policy carefully and make sure it covers you for all the activities you want to do on your tour
11.18 Make sure you budget enough for fun and a buffer for emergencies. Bear in mind you may need a contingency fund for things not covered by your travel insurance
11.19 Make copies of all your travel documents (passport, vouchers, itineraries, insurance) and leave it at home with someone you trust in case of emergency. Scan the documents and keep electronic copies in a web-based email account like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.
11.20 Avoid all demonstrations and protests given their potential to turn violent
11.21 Pay close attention to your personal security and monitor the media for information about any possible new safety or security risks. Your adventure travel tour leader will always be there to provide advice about your personal safety
11.22 If you are ever in doubt, always ask for further information from our crew as they have a wealth of local knowledge at their disposal - take advantage!
11.23 We advise you to exercise a reasonable degree of caution when you travel, in the same way as you would do anywhere else in the world. You should be aware that all nations have both petty crime and sometimes more serious crime, but you should not be paranoid

The last thing you want to happen on a European trip of a lifetime is to be injured, have something stolen, or just encounter a monumental hassle. Here are some tips on how to be aware of your surroundings, protect your valuable, and have a worry-free experience while exploring. There are many ways a thief can separate a tourist from their money and Europe has a large share of talented thieves and pickpockets. Here are the most common threats:

Pickpockets: In major tourist destinations like Rome, Florence, and Barcelona, you will likely see or hear about travelers having their pockets picked or their purses snatched. There are ways to minimize the threat. Everyone should carry their valuables close to them. Carry valuables (money, passport, credit cards) in a sturdy, below-the-belt security wallet. Men should never carry a wallet in a back pocket. If you must wear a pouch above the belt, make sure it's hidden
Thieves on Vespas: The little scooters can hold a team of snatchers. Watch out for them weaving through areas heavy with foot traffic. If you are carrying a bag, clutch it tightly and move away from the street
Cardboard-carrying kids: If you are approached by a group of kids carrying a piece of cardboard with something written on it, walk away. The cardboard is used to distract you while they pick your pockets
Scan your surroundings: Know about and study your surroundings for things that make you uncomfortable. Back off if things don't feel right. Don't walk blindly into a noisy crowd
Blend in: Wear similar clothing to what the locals wear. Don't wear clothing with your country's flag, hometown brands, or political statements. Wear minimal jewelry. Learn a few words of the language, especially the polite words and learn some social customs
Don't keep money and valuables in one place: Spread them out so that if one stash is found you don't lose everything. If you're going out, hand your valuables to the clerk in a sealed or locked bag to be put in your hotel's safe and watch it being done. If you have an in-room safe, use it
Pay attention at the ATM: Don't let people behind you see you enter your PIN number. Don't let anyone help you. While Europeans are generally helpful, it's unusual for them to offer their help when it isn't asked for — so be aware that someone offering you unsolicited help might be running a scam. One such scam is to put a sleeve in the ATM card slot that blocks your card from being read. The thieves stand behind as you enter and re-enter your PIN. Then you walk away thinking the machine has eaten your card and the thieves then retrieve your card and use it with the PIN you've provided them
ID please: Ask to see identification if you are approached by a stranger in an unrecognized uniform. Beware especially if he asks to count your cash. Police don't usually do that
Protests and Strikes: Some European cities are prone to strikes and protest marches. By keeping abreast of any planned protests or strikes via the local media, visitors can stay away from areas where there may be unrest
Be Aware of Terrorism and Take Precautions: After the 2015 through 2017 terrorist attacks in Europe, many English-speaking countries issued travel advisories asking their citizens to exercise extreme caution and vigilance. While you can consider a rural vacation or head for the smaller cities and towns, most travelers to Europe want to visit famous cities

13.1 It is understood and agreed by each client participating in the trip, that the Tour Operator namely Holiday Concierge Private Limited or its associates, its subsidiaries, its affiliates including but not limited to 3rd party service providers and service staff who may service the clients at various points of travel, will not be, under any circumstances, be held liable for any injuries, fatalities, medical conditions/exigencies, general emergencies or unlawful activities of participating members that may affect the participating member individually or collectively
13.2 It is further understood by Holiday Concierge Private Limited that client/s participating in the trip arranged by Holiday Concierge Private Limited, has fully and sufficiently covered by Personal/Travel insurance, covering any and every liability with costs and consequences that may arise during or after the tour and Holiday Concierge Private Limited is/remains fully indemnified against any/all claims/damages
13.3 Holiday Concierge Private Limited maintains the right to alter the Terms & Conditions from time to time in accordance to the changes in, but not limited to the change in various laws of the countries it operates in, change in taxes, change in Terms & Conditions of its suppliers, new experiences we make as we operate each new tour. By accepting the quotation furnished by Holiday Concierge Private Limited, the client/traveller agrees to accept any/all personal/financial responsibility of the above arrangements and agrees with all Terms & Conditions including Payment Terms as defined in this document
13.4 Receipt of payment will also be automatically considered as confirmation of your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of Holiday Concierge Private Limited including the Terms stated in this document
13.5 In case any one of the above Terms & Conditions is not adhered to, Holiday Concierge Private Limited retains the right to cancel the booking/s

14.1 We confirm bookings only after receiving partial payment at the time of booking and full payment 90 days prior to the start of the tour
14.2 We will not be able to hold tentative bookings beyond 3 days from the time of furnishing the quotation, unless they are supported by advance/full payment
14.3 For Groups minimum 25% non-refundable booking amount is required to start the booking process. Balance 75% should be paid as per deadlines set. The deposit amount will be under the purview of Cancellation Terms defined under clause 7 in this document
14.4 For FIT bookings please make 50% payment as advance and balance should be paid on or before 60 days prior to tour start date
14.5 Full name of adults, children, and infants (as per their passport) is mandatory to initiate booking of hotels, flights, or trains
14.6 All passports should be valid for at least 6 months from the date when your tour ends
14.7 Bank charges @ Euro 40 or equivalent per transaction will be charged if payments are split in 2 or more parts. If single payment of full amount of the package is paid upfront, bank charge will not apply
14.8 Payments can be made by cash or local cheque payable at par to be deposited in our bank account through any branch or ATM’s. Do send us deposit slip after the deposit for reconciliation purposes


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